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What is SPA?
 As in the world, SPA centers are increasingly becoming more popular in our country, and spa treatments and massages are becoming popular. But what do you think is SPA, what does it mean, benefits, rules?

 What is SPA and what does it mean?
 The SPA word mainly comes from Latincede "Selus Per Aqua" meaning "Health from Water" or "Health from Water". In fact, the origins of SPA extend to the Romans. Spreading over time in Europe, SPA mainly includes family therapy and care. The places where these services are offered are defined as SPA or Spa Center.
 Spa treatments include water, natural and healing stones, aromatic oils and professional massage techniques. Those who arrive at the spa center can choose one of these massage or treatments.
 Spa treatments can range from cellulite treatment to skin care or stress reliever massages. The answer to those who wonder what a spa is and what it will be; Spa massages and treatments, it is possible to get away from the stress of the day, to revive, to relax, to see anti cellulite treatment, to face, skin care, to be cleaned.

 What to wear in the spa, what are the rules?
 What to wear during spa treatments and the rules of the Spa center are especially curious for first time customers,
 It's an issue that creates some tension.
 First of all, there is no room for tension in the Spa Centers, from your first entrance to the music and the atmosphere
 You can start to relax and relax with the effect.
 Many Spa Centers provide guests with towels, peshtemal, bathrobes and slippers. Hammam or
 Sauna can be worn with bikini, bathing suit, but it will affect the body circulation during massage
 It is recommended that rubber materials are not worn.
 Spa rules are rather simple and actually aimed at relieving direct customers.
 It is advisable to make an appointment at least 15 minutes before the appointment, so shower and therapy
 You will be able to prepare. It is also important to be able to use the massage for the full duration.
 A point that is essential in terms of your health is the problematic areas in your body
 Is strictly informed before the related massage. This information can be used
 It is important that you do not take a wrong action.
 In addition to these, in totally recreational spa areas
 Mobile phones to provide complete rest and relaxation.
Leaving in locker rooms is often compulsory.
 Apart from these, for suggestions, rules and extra information
 It is possible to get help from the staff there as long as you do not go to the spas or you go.

Turkish Hamam Culture
"Bodily and Spiritual Wisdom Tradition"

In the life of the Turks, baths are not only a place of washing, but also centers of health, social and cultural activities.

The use of water for health, which is one of the vital requirements of human beings, has led to the construction of water spaces such as baths and hot springs. Baths, one of these building types, respond to the washing and cleaning needs of people in particular. In addition, the baths have always been architectural and socialized in their religious beliefs.
    The meaning of the word Hamam; "Bathing means being hot and warm." It is synonymous in Turkish, Arabic and Hebrew languages. However, the bath is not limited to the meaning derived from these words alone. Thanks to the Turks, that is, the Turkish Bath has gained a cultural meaning as well. If we have to define it based on cultural and traditional facts; We can say that it is not only a bathing place but also "centers where health, social and cultural activities take place". If we define it with a health-oriented approach; Can be defined as "the place for washing, purification and healing".  
    Foam Massage
The 'pouch', which constitutes the first step in the Turkish bath tradition, is applied to cleanse and purify the body after intense sweat. The pouch removes the toxic substances accumulated in deep pores and opens the clogged pores and removes roughness.
    "Ece Spa and Turkish Bath We are living with the honor and dilemma of being able to service this tradition to our esteemed customers on the side of Antalyan"